We are committed to create memorable experiences through excellent design in each individual project. Our projects are uniquely crafted and developed intellectually while still meeting our client's objectives and budgets. The strength of our success is found within the passion of our team members and talented profesionals we work with to expand our vision of each design of integrity. The overall experience and unique level of personalized service we offer our clients contribute to our exquisite understanding of the many requirments we make sure to meet of every space, through the use of top-technology, new branding and construction. We fully invest all of our resources and passion in each of our projects.


The process of design in an on going journey and we are fully invested in understanding the specific requirements of each of our clients, as well as the individual identity and purpose of each project. We start with first listening to our client's needs, then we learn how to meet them. We believe that design is primarily a result of its relation, clients, and the collaborative team driving towards the approach. This process we follow ensures unique experiences to each project which is a shared discovery between our clients and our team. At RAB Architects LLC we find inspiration in intellectually crafting solutions for every specific design. Our goal is to create memorable experience and a sense of identity to all of the typologies we work with.

Business Divisions


Our firm creates architecturally driven environments based on rational research, perfection, and beauty. The solutions we come up with represent integrity and accuracy along with poetic inspirations to personalize the human experience. Our work tends to be about making every place feel like "home", whether the project is commercial of residential we strive to elevate the standards to meet that requirement. These designs are incorporated with advanced building technologies and engineering that respond to the challenges of efficient time-sensitive construction. We have perfected this process which allows us to create long term and on-going relationships with our clients across all sectors of architecture.


Staying up-to-date with new architectural breakthroughs and building technology has always been a priority to RAB Architects LLC designers, this is how we ensure our work to be highly refined. RAB Architects LLC takes pride in the fact that it offers each of its architects regular training and information sessions to be equipped with the very latest design, construction techniques and building materials options. The sustainable success of our projects and the complete satisfaction of our clients is what drives us to utilize after exploring the usefulness of every single architectural and building world improvement. Principal Architect, Rami Bitar graduated from _________ in 1996 and began expanding his experiences in the professional field immediately after college where he worked with a number of leading architecture practices in the country as well as overseas.

Urban planning and Design

Planning and designing a verity of urban planning and design projects ranging from small planning projects to full comprehensive urban master plan. As a key member of the urban design planning team of many projects, RAB Architects LLC ensures the implementation of sustainable planning, smart growth and transit-oriented redevelopment concepts. Also we mentor group of young architects and planners, keeping in mind our ongoing commitment to the best utilization of available resources to meet both the projects and the client's needs.